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Us vs The Plant
Us vs The Plant
April 20, 2020 United States
1 hours, 30 minutes
United States, Jamaica
Cynla Media, Blachwood LLC
Amazon Prime

Us vs The Plant explores the history of cannabis in the United States and the stigma attached to the use of the drug. For decades, cannabis has been deprecated and criminalized as a drug used by those who are only looking to get high recreationally.

This illuminating view of medical and recreational marijuana usage in America looks to serve as a gateway to understanding the true benefits and detriments of marijuana as a valid avenue to recovery and chronic illness management.

Psychiatrist, Filmmaker, Producer, Adventurous Creative
September 18, 1981 - Photographer, Filmmaker, Director, Husband, and Father
Jarret “Doctor Jarret” Patton MD has served thousands of children in eastern Pennsylvania for over 15 years.
Virtual Screening and Live Panel Discussion Schedule
Virtual Screening and Live Panel Discussion Schedule
Us vs the Plant has been the atmosphere in the US since prohibition in the early 1930s. Marijuana, also known as cannabis or pot, has a very long history of human use both recreationally and medicinally for thousands of years, recent centuries have seen a turn for the plant’s legality and history. Cannabis is a popular topic with both controversy and bright future as an emerging market for both recreational and medicinal use. During the live discussion we will explore the history and current trends in cannabis. Panelists: Cyntrell Crawford, MD, Psychiatrist, Producer, Us vs the Plant Jarret Patton, MD, Medical Cannabis Physician
234 Awards
9.2 IMDb
100M Audience
300 Review
500M Budget
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