COVID-19 and marijuana

As we swiftly enter into new territory due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 across the country, What should medical and recreational marijuana users do to protect themselves and the people around them? Based on common knowledge of preventing the spread of germs, we suggest that you try the following:

1. Be a bad smoke buddy! Until this is definitely over Don’t pass, Don’t pass, Don’t pass the joint, blunt, pipe, bong, dab rig, or vape pen to your family or friends. For those of you the toke but never purchase it is a bad time for you as for now you should plan to Use Your Own Marijuana. Buy, pinch, prepare, and smoke it yourself.

2. Use proper hand hygiene throughout the day and also during your cannabis consumption. You should be washing for at least 20 seconds. For entertainment simply sing the first verse of my favorite smoking song:
“One Draw” By: Rita Marley
I wanna get high, so high
I wanna get high, so high
I wanna get high, so high
I wanna get high, so high One draw, one draw
One draw, one draw
Hey, rastaman, hey, what you say
Give mi some of yu sense  

3. When is the last time you cleaned your bong? Well, now couldn’t be a better time. Use Luke warm water and soap and follow-up by sanitizing with at least 65% isopropyl alcohol.

4.  Because of so many business closures assuming that places are closed is probably a bad idea. Currently, there are several of small businesses such as dispensaries keeping their doors open during this time but with slight changes to stay safe. Check your local dispensary for their updated policy before you head out to shop anywhere.  

Us Vs the Plant ~Dr. Cyntrell Crawford


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